a public kinda sphere.

The public sphere, a metaphorical concept developed by Jürgen Habermas, explains where and how people come together to “freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action”. The public sphere was once thought to exist in 18th century coffee houses, a very bourgeois, male dominated setting. However, in today’s contemporary context, the public sphere can be found in a variety of places – from social media platforms to bars to cafes, and is inclusive of everyone. Continue reading “a public kinda sphere.”


performance art as news.


Everyone is the audience in some way or another. Regardless of the medium in which we explore and are attracted to – e.g. Twitter, documentaries, and Snapchat discover feature – we are all participants in and observers of, media. Traditional media such as radio and newspapers are slowly becoming outdated, with 44% of Australian’s using other media outlets, (i.e. the internet) to source information, and 39% saying they don’t trust traditional news sourcesContinue reading “performance art as news.”