3D printing: open or closed source?

Nixie Pixel on YouTube made a video in 2015 about how ‘Open Source 3D Printing Will Change the World’. In the video she demonstrated and explained the work of BQ, who want to make 3D printing available for the public.  Continue reading “3D printing: open or closed source?”


gettin’ crafty.

Craftsmanship is more than just being creative homies. It’s a humanising process, allowing for creation, customisation and individuality! In an era of digitalisation it’s kind of EVERYTHING. Here’s the deets…

The pre-industrial era was a time of artisanal production and subsistence living. As there was no machinery or digitalisation, goods were made by hand. What was produced was generally made for the family by the family, or by ‘cottage industries’ (small businesses); people weren’t capable of transforming concepts into products as there was no capacity to do so. Continue reading “gettin’ crafty.”