online me vs. real me.

This week I decided was time I made my YouTube debut.

In the video I explore my online persona and personal brand; more specifically, how my social media accounts contribute to how I’m portrayed online. 

Our online self is represented through our social media accounts, and it was interesting to look at how I’ve crafted mine to each say something different about my personality – each wearing a different mask. The mask that I put on each of my social platforms puts forward a different element of me to people, and shapes the ‘Ruby brand’. These masks are instead not hiding anything as a superhero would wear one to hide their true identity. But instead, these masks are in place to demonstrate specific aspects of me and my life.

The style of video is very meme-like: a mediocre quality, Siri was my voice over gal, and certainly some poor editing skills. But that’s kind of what I was going for – a meme of my online self…


Stay Curious,




Author: rubytoohey

curious. inquisitive. thinker. creator. student.

7 thoughts on “online me vs. real me.”

  1. Hey Ruby
    This post was really interesting as it related to you and you provided really good examples, especially the YouTube video you created. sidenote: siri saying “keep this bad boy nice and cute” had me in stitches. This blog post could be strengthened by providing hyperlinks and analysis of online personas and how they word so viewers can understand the content on a deeper level. Otherwise it was a really good post that was engaging and easy to follow.

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  2. Hey!
    I love how simple you kept this blog post and let the video do all the explaining for you! The examples of using your various social media accounts gave an insight to how you portray yourself online as well as on those various platforms. By adding more theory that was spoken in lectures as well as the readings would strengthen your blog posts. Overall, a great post! 🙂

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  3. Hello Ruby! I love this blog post as you get straight to the point and use yourself to explain the idea of one’s online self and the various ‘masks’ one may use. I relate to what you’re saying and find it to be very relevant to today’s world. Thank you for such a wonderful post! I look forward to your future posts.

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