online me vs. real me.

This week I decided was time I made my YouTube debut.

In the video I explore my online persona and personal brand; more specifically, how my social media accounts contribute to how I’m portrayed online.  Continue reading “online me vs. real me.”


3D printing: open or closed source?

Nixie Pixel on YouTube made a video in 2015 about how ‘Open Source 3D Printing Will Change the World’. In the video she demonstrated and explained the work of BQ, who want to make 3D printing available for the public.  Continue reading “3D printing: open or closed source?”

transmedia storytelling: superman.

Transmedia storytelling is basically the telling of a narrative or story across multiple media platforms. Transmedia stories allow for the same story to be explained and engaged with differently by audiences depending on their medium – as the medium is the message. This is effective as audiences can contribute to the narrative by adding content, discover different aspects of the story on different platforms, and motivates engagement from likeminded people. Continue reading “transmedia storytelling: superman.”