copyright and comedy.

The stand up comedy ‘art form’ as its commonly referred to, had its first recorded appearance in 1805 in vaudeville theatres – where the jokes were short, with sharp punch lines to keep the audience laughing and engaged. These types of comics and theatres were eventually overrun with the development of the cinema industry, however the comedic value remained. Pin pointing the birth of stand up comedy as such is unclear, however it’s legacy can certainly still be seen in today’s contemporary context.


Amy Schumer has risen to popularity in the comedy industry recently for her bravery in tackling controversial issues using comedy – such as abortion, racism, and rape. Her Comedy Central TV Show Inside Amy Schumer has been running since 2013 and receives a lot of buzz for tackling topical issues with humour. She’s often commended for generating discussion for body positivity and female empowerment; especially when she posed almost naked for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar:


Schumer addressed the viral image in her exclusive Netflix show ‘The Leather Special’ where she joked that having a nude photo of you go viral being commended as “brave” isn’t very empowering…

More recently however, Schumer has come under fire for stealing jokes and using them in either her show or stand-up skits. In the comedy industry, if the joke is fixed in an accessible, tangible medium, (e.g. writing, video, podcast) they are able to be protected under copyright laws.

Such copyright laws are in place to protect creativity, originality, and the comic as an individual making a living. In some instances I say they are useful in protecting ideas, or in this case jokes, as in the comedy industry, rehashing the same punch lines would be boring for audiences and no longer funny. So in that case I suppose it’s good.

However on the other hand, I’d like to think that in order to create strong culture, there needs to be freedom in ideas and expression, which copyright doesn’t really allow as it restricts content production. The point being, just because someone is perhaps more famous, has more recognition, or is well-known may say the joke to an audience, doesn’t necessarily mean they were the original creators it.

Anyway, some of the following jokes may offend some, (most are sexual) but it shows the jokes Schumer is being accused of copying:

At the end of the day, stand-up comedy is there for humorous entertainment. If the comedian struggles to be original, so be it, isn’t the joke in the delivery and not the punch line anyway?… IDK, you be the judge 😉


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6 thoughts on “copyright and comedy.”

  1. Hey Ruby. I enjoyed reading your blob. Copyright laws do seem to be out of control, and as you have stated, comedy is for entertainment. Some of the best comedians spend half their time ripping off what other people have said or done, but they deliver it with their spin, which is what makes it funny. No law should be able to take that away from us. The issue before us now is… what do we do to stop these copyrighted laws. It is even possible. How far will it be taken before ground hog day becomes a horrible reliaty. Cheers MJ

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    1. Thank you for your comment Michelle, I agree with your thoughts on copyright laws in comedy – how the joke is in the punch line. Lets hope the industry stays strong during its fight around copyright laws. 🙂

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  2. Hey ruby, I really liked your blog post this week on copyright, I thought you used really good media examples to make your argument stronger. I also didn’t really know much history on stand up comedy and how it originated so this was pretty interesting! I totally agree with you about how you think that in order for us to create a strong culture there needs to be freedom in ideas and expression, which copyright restricts us from being free in the creative process!

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  3. Hi Ruby, what an interesting blog post! I did not know the history of stand up comedy so that was intriguing to find out. It is a shame Schumer had been stealing jokes, she is naturally funny and talented and very brave! You have used some great media sources to back up your information on this topic which is really good to see. It is clear you have done your research.
    I totally agree with your last line, it is definitely the delivery that counts!

    -Em x


    1. Thank you for your feedback! I happened to be randomly researching all this on a bit of a tangent one night and then the lecture the following week just happened to fit so well, so I was a bit lucky in that sense haha. Again, thank you for your comment I appreciate it x

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