mix it up.


I attempted to actively explore remix culture this week by making my own mash up thingo!

I am incredibly embarrassed in myself for what I have produced but I figured I would give it a whirl.

Remix culture in music is so fun, allowing for creativity in creators, and widely appreciated by audiences – especially club-goers. So it was quite fun this week to mix something up, even though it’s callibre is well below average, it goes to show how easy and experimental this type of music production is.

Enjoy homies!….PSA, just have a laugh 😉 x


Stay Curious,



Author: rubytoohey

curious. inquisitive. thinker. creator. student.

6 thoughts on “mix it up.”

  1. I love this!! Remixing is actually so hard too so I commend anyone for actually having a go at it! Club culture is such a big part of remixes, I know for a fact that I get bored after about 30 seconds of dancing to a song when I’m out, and I can’t imagine how hard it would actually be having to be a DJ and creating such continuous flowing content so often. It’s also hard to read an audience and change your set to their mood too. The movie “We are your friends” also shows a lot about DJ culture! https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/heres-what-we-learned-from-zac-efrons-edm-movie-661
    That’s an article about it too if you wanna have a read!- V

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  2. I love this Ruby! I found remixing so hard, so that is great that you had a go at this! I love the originals of the two songs you remixed as well, so it made it so much more relatable to listen to. Your content is really engaging and I certainly had a laugh. I know at the clubs I do get bored if I’m not happy with the song, remix culture is amazing. You’ve made it look so easy but it really is so challenging for some!
    Great work!
    – Mikaela

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