digital artefact ideas.

I am probably the most indecisive person on the planet, I struggle enough picking what I want to eat for breakfast everyday, let alone deciding what my major project should be!

However, I have had some thoughts…

As mentioned in my introductory blog post I am low key obsessed with weird documentaries, and funky little videos that explore topics not covered by the mainstream media. Now I don’t plan on filming a mass documentary series, but I have become inspired by 60 Second Docs  which is a series of well 1 minute long documentaries on random, and unique people, occasions, places, etc.

Taking their fundamental idea of short, info-packed videos, I want to possibly set up an Instagram account where I can upload videos regularly that cover a certain aspect of University life, or a wider social issue, or something!


I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this idea yet, my mind keeps changing! But for now, that’s what I’m attempting to work on. I don’t know what issue/s I should cover, I don’t plan on copying ’60 Second Docs’ but I am seriously inspired by them. I just need to toughen up and do it cause like, #FEFO right.

Stay curious, 



Author: rubytoohey

curious. inquisitive. thinker. creator. student.

3 thoughts on “digital artefact ideas.”

  1. as relatable as indecisiveness is I think your idea is gold! Using 60 sec docos as inspiration would be so fun to watch. Even if your first few trials were the same/very similar as the youtube account it would help you to find if you liked the idea or not and then steer you in a direction you want. Cant wait to see where the idea takes you – hopefully to all the furries in the gong xx

  2. I can totally relate with the indecisiveness, I avoid making decisions because it’s such a stress! :s But the ideas you have played with so far are encouraging that I can overcome it too 😉 I really like the fun, light-hearted approach you are taking, nice to see something which moves away from all the heaviness we see in the media these days.


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