performance art as news.


Everyone is the audience in some way or another. Regardless of the medium in which we explore and are attracted to – e.g. Twitter, documentaries, and Snapchat discover feature – we are all participants in and observers of, media. Traditional media such as radio and newspapers are slowly becoming outdated, with 44% of Australian’s using other media outlets, (i.e. the internet) to source information, and 39% saying they don’t trust traditional news sourcesContinue reading “performance art as news.”


legacy vs. social media.

With the plethora of media platforms available 24/7, it becomes hard knowing where to go and what to trust when searching for information on topical issues. Although legacy media may never go away, Australian audiences are steering towards other sources to find information about an array of topical issues.  Continue reading “legacy vs. social media.”

gettin’ crafty.

Craftsmanship is more than just being creative homies. It’s a humanising process, allowing for creation, customisation and individuality! In an era of digitalisation it’s kind of EVERYTHING. Here’s the deets…

The pre-industrial era was a time of artisanal production and subsistence living. As there was no machinery or digitalisation, goods were made by hand. What was produced was generally made for the family by the family, or by ‘cottage industries’ (small businesses); people weren’t capable of transforming concepts into products as there was no capacity to do so. Continue reading “gettin’ crafty.”

memes meet Gucci.

Gucci, a brand of the elite, the ‘upper class’ so to speak. Born in 1881 as the brain child of Guccio Gucci, and firmly established in the 1920’s, the brand has grown phenomenally; from selling leather bags to horsemen in 1921, to being globally recognised as one of the leading designers in the fashion and beauty industry. From stunting the widely recognised handbag with the bamboo handle, to flaunting the green and red stripe that is synonymous with Gucci; the brand has made a serious impression in the million dollar industry. The company is worth a staggering $12 billion as of last year, and made a considerable $4.5 billion in sales (2016). Continue reading “memes meet Gucci.”

the medium is the massage.

Marshall McLuhan’s aphorism ‘the medium is the message’ was introduced to the world in 1967, in his book mistakenly titled by the print company as, ‘the medium is the massage’. McLuhan’s point expressed in his book till stands true today, he argues that the impact of the medium itself is more significant than the content it carries. Continue reading “the medium is the massage.”

representation & interpretation.


The study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

As developed by Semiologists Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Pierce, semiotics is the science of signs and how they construct meaning. Saussure and Pierce developed semiotic theory by focussing on how meaning is constructed by the viewer upon observing and decoding such texts. The way in which audiences interpret signs, is partly based upon their personal context, which accounts for their pre-conceived knowledge of the idea which the sign may be signifying. Continue reading “representation & interpretation.”

digital artefact ideas.

I am probably the most indecisive person on the planet, I struggle enough picking what I want to eat for breakfast everyday, let alone deciding what my major project should be!

However, I have had some thoughts…

As mentioned in my introductory blog post I am low key obsessed with weird documentaries, and funky little videos that explore topics not covered by the mainstream media. Now I don’t plan on filming a mass documentary series, but I have become inspired by 60 Second Docs  which is a series of well 1 minute long documentaries on random, and unique people, occasions, places, etc. Continue reading “digital artefact ideas.”